Our Story

The smell of freshly baked croissants. A cup of hot coffee. A steaming bathroom after a too-hot shower. These are the moments that calm your body. And we want to accentuate that peace with our Kanjo Essentials. Created so that you can press pause and de-stress completely.

For body...

Do you sometimes suffer from coarse hair, dull skin or blemishes? That's your body trying to tell you something. We cannot tolerate stress endlessly. Your body is a temple, so you should treat it that way too. 

That is why we develop essentials that are in harmony with you and your body. Combs that are gentle on your hair, body brushes that boost your skin, cotton pads that understand your sensitive skin. Each adapted to your personal needs. A brush that keeps straight hair healthy, combs that keep your curls in shape, a konjac sponge that treats your specific skin problems. 

For mind...

Resting your body completely in the day-to-day busyness. That's what the Kanjo Lifestyle is all about. Forget all the to-do's, deadlines and expectations for a moment and immerse yourself in self-care

We all need time to rest, reset and find new energy. So take a break to relax your body and mind. Make your bathroom ritual an intimate moment to listen to the needs of your body and mind. Because you can and because you deserve it more than ever. Just you, yourself and your Kanjo Essentials.

... And for our planet

Now more than ever is the time to do our bit. There are more than enough opportunities to make a difference. Recycling, composting, living more sustainably, etc. We kept all this in mind when developing Kanjo Essentials. 

Hair, face & body essentials that don't harm the environment, look appealing in your bathroom and are paired with good quality. That golden combination led us to cellulose acetate, bamboo, konjac and cotton. All materials that offer many possibilities. Want to know more about our materials? Then read more about our sustainable initiatives Click here.